Sunday, February 20, 2011

Para mi

Ok esto ya no lo voy a compartir con todo el internet, va a ser un tipo diario electronico para mi (:
hoy me senti rara, un poco sola... extrano mucho a mi mama y a mi hermana, en verdad las necesito. siento que no estoy en mi territorio, que harto a las personas que viven aqui y aveces no se como actuar... siento que no doy mucho de mi parte y al mismo tiempo siento que doy demasiado de lo que ellos quisieran... no se... supongo que es parte de la experiencia de vivir fuera de tu casa y seguir viviendo con familiares, cada que me siento sola me gusta pensar que mi mama y mi hermana me aman y que estan muy felices de que yo este aqui y eso me tranquiliza. No se porque no quiero acomodar mi ropa en el closet y la tengo toda hecha bola en la maleta, en verdad me da flojera y asi encuentro las cosas, se que esta mal... a ver si manana encuentro la energia para hacerlo... hoy me pago mi tio 700 pesos del trabajo que le voy a hacer de foto de sus obras, no soy fan de este tipo de fotografia pero me gusta tener un tipo de trabajo. Me he dado cuenta que tengo un tipo de fobia social... no me gusta estar alrededor de gente que no conosco o en situaciones nuevas con mucha gente, me pongo nerviosa e insegura... tengo que hablar con maru de eso cuando vaya a vallarta... siento que andrea esta enojada conmigo... estos dias he estado muy insegura y triste, le hecho la culpa a mi periodo.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hot showers

Nothing like a hot shower before bed... just what i needed after a long day. Woke up early and went to the childrens hospital... it is a very bizarre experience leaves you emotionally exhausted. I feel very productive when I wake up early and dont nap the whole day :D Tomorrow im going to school and develop my film from my Copala trip and the hospital, im excited! hopefully i dont mess anything up (: Im feeling very grateful for my health and that of the people I love... people have it really hard and we walk around crying when we have a simple cold... shame, i know. On a happier note, I entered a photo contest for a magazine, winners will be announces in 20 days, fingers crossed! night night, here are the pics from day 8.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Tonight im proud of myself because i didnt take a nap and im going to bed early! yay! I have to get up early (8am)... going on a photo mission dun dun dun let me sum uo my day: school, pizza, gossip girl, pretty little liars, glee, hot shower, call from 30 seconds to mars and talkin on the phone with my mom, i miss her!
 jeeeniigueiiss, im off to bed before i get distracted, picture numero 7! xoxo

35mm film, i love playing with perspective ;)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Camping Trip

Im now resting on my bed after an A M A Z I N G 3 day camping trip at Copala beach. I didnt have much experience camping and after this im hooked! Copala is beautiful, very nice locals, super attentive... the beach was really warm, i drool when i remember the sunsets... and the night sky was to die for, ive never seen so many stars in my life! I saw tons of shooting stars and wished for the same thing over and over again, hope it comes true! We did some friend bonding, a little partying, watched the super bowl, swam in the ocean and ate delicious food. One of the best trips of my life so far! So relaxing and spiritual. Back to basics... heres picture day numero 6.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Black Swan...

Im tripping over Black Swan... had an anxiety attack throughout the whole movie but it was totally worth it... it is A M A Z I N G! Natalie Portman deserves to win the oscar hands down and the fashion, no words... I wont be able to sleep very well but like i said, totally worth it. Tomorrow im going on a camping trip to a beach 4 hours away from here called Copala, im really excited to just relax, enjoy the beach, take tons of pictures and get a tan. I wont be blogging until Monday... good night and heres picture num. 5

Orchids are one of my favorite flowers... did you know that there are male and female orchids?

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I dont know if this is sad or good, but I feel amazingly blessed today... i should be feeling like that every day, i kinda do, but today is special. Ive been looking through documentary photography, very graphic and sad and came to realize than any problem I may have does not compare to whats going on in the world... we should all feel blessed every second of our lives, the point is that we are still here... ALIVE. Every second you breathe, every thought, every movement means life we are here... what else can we ask for? Cherish the good moments, learn for your mistakes and bad experiences, enjoy every second of every feeling, you are creating yourself. Every step you make counts, never give up on something you really want and never take no for an answer. CHOOSE LIFE, it is short and we only have one so live fully and have no time to be anything but happy and thankful.
Picture numero 4

This pictures are from a couple of months ago. The boys name is Jorge, he fell down from a tractor and damaged half of his face. I bonded with him and love him in a way I cant really describe. He is back home, healthy and happy. We are all brothers and sisters, lets help one another and make a difference.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Im sitting in my bathroom waiting for the hair color dye to work its magic. Im going a little bit light on the color, hopefully it looks good. I got a little inpatient and starting pouring chunks of dye on my hair... not the best way but hopefully it works :s I hate waiting, hate hate waiting. I know its part of life or part of a result, but it kills me haha Had a calm day at school, worked on different filters in the darkroom, also played beauty school girl and dyed my aunts hair too. Im now listening to Jacks Mannequin, love them... you know that kind of band that never gets old and you can listen their songs over and over again and enjoy them like the first time... love. Im gonna continue waiting and leave posting picture num 3. xxoo

This is a picture of my beautiful cousin andrea i took it a couple of weeks ago, enjoy.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Hello, cheking in for my personal responsabilty. Had a great day at school, worked on cianotipos, sushi overdose, movie, took some photos and great news. Im not making any sense, im tired. GOODNIGHT!
Pic. 2

Meet my llama twin.