Thursday, February 3, 2011


I dont know if this is sad or good, but I feel amazingly blessed today... i should be feeling like that every day, i kinda do, but today is special. Ive been looking through documentary photography, very graphic and sad and came to realize than any problem I may have does not compare to whats going on in the world... we should all feel blessed every second of our lives, the point is that we are still here... ALIVE. Every second you breathe, every thought, every movement means life we are here... what else can we ask for? Cherish the good moments, learn for your mistakes and bad experiences, enjoy every second of every feeling, you are creating yourself. Every step you make counts, never give up on something you really want and never take no for an answer. CHOOSE LIFE, it is short and we only have one so live fully and have no time to be anything but happy and thankful.
Picture numero 4

This pictures are from a couple of months ago. The boys name is Jorge, he fell down from a tractor and damaged half of his face. I bonded with him and love him in a way I cant really describe. He is back home, healthy and happy. We are all brothers and sisters, lets help one another and make a difference.

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