Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Im sitting in my bathroom waiting for the hair color dye to work its magic. Im going a little bit light on the color, hopefully it looks good. I got a little inpatient and starting pouring chunks of dye on my hair... not the best way but hopefully it works :s I hate waiting, hate hate waiting. I know its part of life or part of a result, but it kills me haha Had a calm day at school, worked on different filters in the darkroom, also played beauty school girl and dyed my aunts hair too. Im now listening to Jacks Mannequin, love them... you know that kind of band that never gets old and you can listen their songs over and over again and enjoy them like the first time... love. Im gonna continue waiting and leave posting picture num 3. xxoo

This is a picture of my beautiful cousin andrea i took it a couple of weeks ago, enjoy.

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